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Welcome to Gibraltar's Official Rock Tours

Officially licensed by the Government of Gibraltar and offering friendly, educational tours since 1994. 

Allowing a professional guide to take you around the Rock is undoubtedly the best way to get the most out of your trip. Visit places you would never visit on your own and learn the 100,000 years’ worth of history behind Gibraltar's most unique and impressive attractions. 


Experience Gibraltar, and all it has to offer, with the help of a professional tour guide. 


A professional guide with years of experience will take you on a tour of all of Gibraltar's main points of interest.


We offer the following tours:

The Standard Tour, lasting one hour and 30 minutes; 

The Extended Tour, lasting three hours;

The Intermediate Tour, lasting three hours and 30 minutes;

The Comprehensive Tour, lasting four hours and 30 minutes;

The WWII Rock Tour, lasting two hours and 30 minutes;  

In Depth Tour, lasting 6 hours;

The Custom Tour, where it is possible to create your own tour and visit the sites and attractions of your choosing, as you like, when you like.

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